Thursday, December 12, 2013


Don't kid yourself. Warren Beatty is playing me in the 1975 meets 1968 prophecy entailed in SHAMPOO. ~ ~ Where we see a physically transfigured Nicole Kidman in a black number who also looks like a 23ish Taylor Swift, starting at 15:50 minutes on my DVD copy, after those two orgasmic honks, followed up by those "...two...two..." comments inside the shop. ~ ~ In confirmation of the movie's main point about today's country club Republicans looking just like all those rich hippies look up in Beverly Hills meets Beverly Hills, circa 2013. ~ ~ [Note the mint condition 1958ish JAGUAR sedan for 4 in the scene.] ~ ~ In other words, Barack Obama's fake born again Christian birth certificate represents today's new fake born again budget reduction deal. ~ ~ Now see what is about to happen to all the liars and the con men talk show hosts on TNT, etc. at: ~ ~ Per that landing strip haircut seen right above Emma's vagina in that no.133 fake image that I posted. ~ ~ No wonder that today's typically fake Christian Mormon, like Kenny Kemp, did not like heaven when he temporarily died on the 2x4 wood stud cross of Jesus. ~ ~ Believe me you. Mel Gibson has more in common with any Kenny Kemp than I do. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS BRUCE WILLIS MEETS KENNY KEMP: The last time I stopped by PISTOL ANNIE'S pawn shop, I saw their inspired representation of your two double duality roles in PULP FICTION meets THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS; i.e. THE FULL NINE YARDS and THE FULL TEN YARDS. ~ ~ Which were both a prophetic vision about you and Mel getting together and paying me what both of you owe me; before Michael Douglas gets the jump on you. ~ ~ Here's the deal. You each give me 5 big ones in small off shore bills, and you don't insult me with any petty cash small minded questions about why I need the tax free money. ~ ~ Because at this particular point in time, both of you fucking asshole dummies know nothing about my business.

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