Thursday, December 5, 2013


That little suicidal black pill in the astonishing M.A.S.H. prophecy is non other than Barack Obama himself. Which led to the cure of America's suicidal obsession with homogaysexuality. ~ ~ Per that African spear-chucker nigger in the White House that was confirmed dead at age 95 on the same day that I watched the iconic 1970 movie. ~ ~ Believe me you, I was just as surprised, after seeing 11 years of M.A.S.H tv reruns, which had somehow instilled in my mind that I had seen the original feature film before. But I had not!! ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: The 19/95 year climax of the two witnesses' special 1260 days period in REV.11 is when the new KILL BILL alien unamerican third way fascism fad died. Back when Quinton Tarantino was so much younger and stronger, and more hungry for the truth. ~ ~ HOWARD STERN NOTE: "I am society's EXLAX pill." ~ ~ NEW 666 NOTE: On the same day that Man/dela died at 95, the news was breaking about a new TARZAN THE APE MAN type jungle turf war breaking out in central Africa. Belive it or not, all of my faithful niggers work for me; and not for you naive white liberal simpleton assholes. ~ ~ U2'S BONO NOTE: Everything about Ireland's Mr Bono can be explained by the cut-off boner stump [Priest Lake] landmarks in Bono County, Idaho. Where the rainbow trout fishing is the best in the world. Think Pass Lake, Washington; times one thousand. ~ ~ MINIMUM WAGE NOTES: In the upcoming millennium, the minimum wage per hour will be $1; plus expenses. ~ ~ OBAMA NOTE: I probably owe everything I got to Barack Obama. Therefore, Obama gets the standard 10% handling fee that most of the half Jew agents and managers get in Hollywood.

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