Thursday, March 5, 2015


I finished watching the first two acts of FORREST GUMP last night. Which famously opens with the iconic prophecy about the Chocolate Mountains abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14; that reads, "Life is like a box of [negro] chocolates... you never know what you are going to get." ~ ~ One may recall, this movie was about a simple minded man from the Bible Belt South who faught against the communists of the north in Vietnam during the 19666s. Who were being aided and abetted by all of those back stabbing anti war half Jews from NYC. ~ ~ [Think Mel Gibson meets Clyde Lewis et al.] ~ ~ Therefore, the new Hillary email scandal is confirmation of the 1260 days episodes of SEINFELD: 4-8. ~ ~ Wherein Bill Murray is featured wearing a 'W 73' hat that represents the final day 1260 of the Ephraimite 'W' witness, i.e. 7.3 in 96. ~ ~ Plus even today's reformed neo con Jews like Mark Levin and Glenn Beck are still persecuting any straight-shooting white man who dares speak up about Obama's phony baloney plastic banana good time rockin' roll birth certificate. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HEMMINGWAY WRITING NOTES: Just make sure that the screenplays you offer me are true. Like I said to my guys at THE BANK OF CANADA, " are not the only hockey game in town." And then that virgin youth hockey arena collapsed in Canton, Mass. Where they also let the girl teams play. ~ ~ Think I AM is talking shit do you? ~ ~ Guess this; Jesus Fucking Christ let me know today that even my old two buddies, Ken Keisler and Terry McKnight, have enough combined limited partnership 1980s style Hollywood movie-making cash to make a feature film on Michael Savages' twin VOLVO; costarring the virgin underaged co-stars of AN EDUCATION meets BLUE JASMINE. And if Carey Mulligan is just too busy right now, we can always get Chloe Moertz to fill in for her and double down on one of her girlfriends in the role. ~ ~ Talk about two sucky-fucky sessions for the price of one fucky-sucky session. ~ ~ PS OBAMA: Wanna have some really extreme narly surfer dude fun before it's all over? I do too; like at, AND: ~ ~ PS CARA AND CAREY: If you two actresses need to get pregnant with child in order feel fulfilled and happy before you two join up with me and my Utah polygamist sex cult, that's OK with me; whatever it takes in the long/run/slash big picture. ~ ~ That goes for you too Emma Watson. Except that I wish that you could wait for me to be the first one who knocks you up; all things considering.

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