Friday, March 6, 2015


Indiana crashed his no.50 WW II plane on a golf course in Area Code 310 for a reason. ~ ~ Because the F-4 begins on 4.4 in Letterman's Indianapolis, Indiana home town and all that shit. ~ ~ This being a Divine confirmation of the 50/50 six-one-half-dozen ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW: 25. ~ ~ Remember, this is the same comedy club area where Kramer blurted out the truth about today's giant NBA niggers in the last days of Noah. ~ ~ Obviously, Indiana would be counted among the 5 foolish virgins who fall from the clouds in the HARPER 1966 prophecy about Mel Gibson and Pierce Bronson, et. al. ~ ~ Get this. Last night I dreamed that Steven Fresh have three days to pay up; or you' all will be deported from the Kingdom of God like those illegal aliens from EZE.38 in the above Paul Newman movie. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LET'S GET PHYSICAL NOTES: Kramer tells his new found soul-mate forever girlfriend in the Bubble Boy episode that cold [turkey] water baptism is the first step in the fiery blood cleansing physical transfiguration process that stops and reverses the aging process. ~ ~ EVERGREEN STATE FORREST NOTES: We get a good shot of Rush Limbaugh in the scenario where Gump is talking to him on a bus stop bench at about 1:14... into the movie. Before the very amused Rush suddenly gets up and leaves after Mr. G Bump happens to mention off hand that he is also a billionaire; not to mention the Crown Prince of England and northern France. Think Paul [military] Garrison meets... fill in the blank. ~ ~ 5.5 NOTES: The miraculous new 5.5 unemployment number from the new and improved FDR/JFK/LBJ/MLK beast comes to us as Providential confirmation of the 666 prophecy in REV.13. Only the day after Indiana Jones's no.50/50 plane crash. ~ ~ FOREST GUMP NOTES: Gump's long lost wife was played by a future Sienna Miller hippie chick movie figure. Who dies and becomes born again. ~ ~ Which is a really big thing in the simple minded minds of most born again Christians in the south. ~ ~ Therefore, both of my Southern Bell wives, Annalynne McCord and Reese Witherspoon, have their dates ingraved in stone in the 1994 blockbuster motion picture. ~ ~ 2BC:91 NOTES: Guys who are just too gay and can not believe in a sex cult temper heaven where everything is not only spiritual, but also physical, don't get to fuck their wives for like forever and ever.

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