Sunday, March 29, 2015


People talked about Indiana's amazing glider skills when his vintage FDR era motor suddenly died after takeoff and he was forced to put it down as softly as possible on that Area 310 golf course full of sand traps and other obstacles. ~ ~ In confirmation of that suicidal psycho who suddenly flies his body onto the set in THE PILOT, while we can hear the hysterical screaming in the last seconds. ~ ~ In the same French Alps area where he learned to fly gliders. ~ ~ And in THE PONY REMARK episode, Elaine remarks about how far off base Jerry and Clyde were in 2008 meets 2014. When they thought that Obama would not make the same stupid mistakes that Hitler and Mussolini made the first time. ~ ~ Not to mention those two reformed democratic fascists, Conan O'Brien and David Letterman. ~ ~ Who still believe unto this day that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was the cat's meow. ~ ~ And had no relation whatsoever to do with the writings of George Orwelle and Ayn Rand. ~ ~ Like G-d has revealed to his D&C:133 prophets in the 2BC, the upcoming crash is going to be a soft landing for the righteous, and a hard landing for the wicked; relatively speaking. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SOFT TOUCH NOTES: People of faith who are still struggling with the issue of being saved by the Grace of Jesus might want to take another closer look at the AUSTIN POWERS trilogy. Where the most mighty lines in all three of the two witnesses' era movies reads, "Oh my gentle Jesus!" Starting with the 1260 days one wherein I get to fuck a thawed out physically transfigured 29ish Elizabeth Hurley. ~ ~ PS KRISTEN STEWART: I know what you and your sister are up to; flashing your really hot tall blond girlfriend around town in front of the paps and getting me all hot and bothered. Just in order to seduce me into making you two a couple of really cute babies apiece. And then I owe you both like a total of $8,000,000 in child support payments. ~ ~ Who do you think that I am, Justin Beiber? ~ ~ Yes, I am rather flattered by the thought, if nothing else. ~ ~ PS JERRY: I'm still searching for a nice boathouse love shack property on Sag Harbor. Since the first one that I mentioned earlier fell through my fingers before I could even make a cash-money down payment. ~ ~ If you happen to see one for sale out there, please grab it before anyone else does. Money is no object of course. ~ ~ PS BILL O'REALLY & GLENN BECK. Has it ever dawned upon you two that all you two would ever have to do on the air is say that Obama's birth certificate is a complete computerized fake; and then the entire world of liberal mormon catholicism as we know it would come down crashing all around you? ~ ~ I mean think about it. No more niggers, no more communists, and no more Jewish liberal media tyranny. ~ ~

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