Sunday, March 22, 2015


After reviewing VIVA LAS VEGAS, 1964, Saturday evening, I saw those new sexy pix of Miley and Stella sharing a king size bed in some swanky CAESAR'S PALACE suite on the same day. ~ ~ In confirmation of her doggie style pix that rolled on Friday, featuring my GSR/TWN eye icons stuck all over her ass. Per that number in the above iconic Elvis movie that goes "The eyes of Texas are upon you..." Because that was the same day that she was on stage at SXSW in Austin. ~ ~ On top of that, the 666 Internet was all abuzz about Miley ignoring Patrick because all of those snaps of him spiritually fornicating with another woman [In his eyes.] came out on St. Patrick's Day. ~ ~ In other words, you don't get to fuck around like some SAILOR DOG unless you do so in the Name of Jesus Christ. ~ ~ Think GREAT BALLS OF FIRE meets BOOGIE NIGHTS meets LEPRECHAUN 3; same spiritual negro music score; only different era versions of the same carnal minded thing. ~ ~ Like Jesus had to repeat over and over and again and again to Peter et al, "...feed my sheep... feed my sheep... feed my sheep..." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 777 NOTES: If you were born in 2007 you are probably still 7 years-old, circa 2015, since we are only in the third month on the Gregorian calendar. But if you are now 8, then that MARK 13:14 in Orthodox Brooklyn would be some kind of a G8 omen. Apparently, that is why those 7 red lambs without a single blemish are going to be buried in Israel. For a tragic reminder that Jewish kids who have Woody Allen style red hair are descendants of the temple-workers tribe of Levi, and not Judah. ~ ~ WOOD MAN NOTES: That Midwood, Brooklyn mini holocaust was about immature Baby Boomer guys like Clyde Lewis who are still stuck in their sophomore year in high school. ~ ~ Who still believe to this day that the imminent invasion of America by flying saucers from outer space is infinitely more important than anything that the two witnesses might have to say on talk radio about Hillary Clinton's secret conspiracy email communications in THE THING meets THEM meets PLAN 9 FROM OUTERSPACE. ~ ~ Obviously, the only reason why today's Jews who control Hollywood have never made a full budget PLAN 9 sequel is because they have been inspired by Jesus to wait until the time is right. ~ ~ PS LL: I really do want to fuck you a lot and have you make me a lot of red haired freckled skinned babies. But I AM is going to have to wait until the legal environment is OK with that. ~ ~ Meanwhile, I'm probably going to have to double-bag it like they do in that MEAT HEAD sitcom parody entitled ALL IN THE FAMILY, located on the Jewish border-line between Queens and Brooklyn. ~ ~ Obviously, CASTLE ROCK's 1980-90s Rob Reiner is a latter-day 2015ish Randy Quaid look like for some Divine reason; in more ways than one. ~ ~ What? You didn't believe in God? ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Could this have anything to do with DANIEL 12 and or MARK 13:14? ~ ~ Or is it about me losing 25 pounds overnight in 2015 and getting a sexy older dude short haircut like Harrison Ford has in the new STAR WARS movie? ~ ~ Personally, I prefer the long hair Jesus look on Iggy Pop fucks "...anything that moves!" in BLUE VELVET meets SHAMPOO. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: Don't let those Jew boys at SHOWTIME fuck you in the ass. ~ ~ My guys in Seattle are more than willing to pay you what they make like every sixty minutes; just as long as you agree to shoot the entire 36 episodes of your 3-year TWIN PEAKS renewell series in and around Beaver Creek; just off of Hwy.101. ~ ~ Remember, if I get Kristen Stewart and Chloe Moretz to drop out of everything that they are currently doing, just in order to hook up with you, I get a nice piece of the action too. ~ ~ That is if there is enough money in it for all of us of course. Don't be rediculous, I always get what I want. End of story. ~ ~ Look at it this way. We either make your next project for 100,000,000 or 100,000, we still get to get our cocks sucked long time by those two 16ish wannabe movie star hotties who live up the street from you in your neighborhood. ~ ~ PS ROB REINER: I have something really nice in mind for you and Billy Crystal too; all is well that ends well.

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