Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The third international world forces war in Iraq began at the same time that BB had arrived in America to confront the United Nations and their supreme world leader from Chicago named Barack Oprah-Obama. In other words, it's over when you see that fat black lady in WILD AT HEART singing for the last time on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show. ~ ~ See the SEES chocolate signs of the times at: ~ ~ Not good enough for you? ~ ~ How about those Jewish lesbians come out with a DOJ report about how the straight shooting white cops are disproportionately busting all of those violent and crazy niggers in [Craig] Ferguson, MO because that is what they deserve? ~ ~ Still nothing? ~ ~ OK, try this; the most famous sex tape cigar smoker in the world suddenly shows up in Cuba in confirmation of Kramer's Cuban cigar fire-starter episodes in SEINFELD 4. ~ ~ Plus I throw in the [true or false] reports that Mel Gibson is going to make some pacifistic WWII movie down in Australia in confirmation of the many spoken word revelations about how Barack Obama is an anti Christ anti hero Muslim man-love figure with pie-in-the-sky Buddhist sympathies; much like the new Pope from Evitaville. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 444 NOTES: Miley is currently flirty fucking a guy named Patrict for a St Patrick's Day 'LUCKY U' tattoo thing. ~ ~ "I'm the luckiest guy in the world." [Patrict Schartzeneger] ~ ~ True enough; my two sons of Judah and Ephraim, Sean and Andrew, being the only exception to my rule. ~ ~ PS GUS: Please don't call me if you only have some vague fantasy idea in your mind about me making a feature film with you. I'm gonna need at least a ten page treatment from you if you want to get my kind of full budget money behind you. Like I said to you before; I don't need to see the screenplay. All I want to know is who do I get in the cast.

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